Friday, December 3, 2021

Zaid Qasim

Manchester United vs. Atalanta: Ronaldo helps clinching win

Today was another chance for Manchester United to prove that they are worthy of being the UEFA Champions league contender. The match between 6th place Manchester United and 6th place Atalanta in their respective National Association leagues came down...

Imran Khan’s “Naya Pakistan’? Pandora Leaks Disagree

In 2018, Imran Khan, the Pakistani cricketing legend turned politician starting a campaign against corruption finally had a break through. After more than two decades in the political wilderness, the charismatic Oxford-educated sports star saw an opportunity in the publication...

Nearly 700 Pakistanis named in ‘Pandora Papers’

After the revealing of the documents on April 3, 2016, by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), dubbing them the “Panama Papers.” The document that exposed the network of more than 214,000 tax havens involving people and entities from...

Ronaldo late show gives Man United win over Villarreal

MANCHESTER, England, Sept 29 - Cristiano Ronaldo grabbed a stoppage-time winner as Manchester United shock Villareal to secure a fortunate 2-1 Champions League Group F win over Villarreal at Old Trafford on Wednesday. On the night he set the new...

What is Cyber Warfare & How Sci-Fi Like ‘WarGames’ Led to Real Policy During the Reagan Administration

What Is Cyber Crime And Cyber Warfare? As we know that with the advancement in technology, the world has become easily accessible through our electronic devices i.e phones, computers and means of communication and data transmission.  With all its benefits to...

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